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January 5, 2011 / ozifrog

ghost town with air conditioning

Monet, Musee de l'orangerie

I could talk about the theme of this blog, but I haven’t quite established that yet. I could choose a 2011 moment and tell you all about it, but perhaps it’s about what’s to come. People bobbing like penguins swimming for a wedding cake, a cat swimming in a 2 bedroom flat, bad family dinners, amusing tales from edumacation, getting sprayed with mud, waking up with a tongue like the bottom of a budgie’s cage, car races, astonishing adventures in art…we’re going from high brow to low brow, with nothing in between. 

January is pretty quiet in the corridors of this ghost town. God knows work is overrated, this work a strange rarified environment that is both challenging, intellectually stimulating and a sheltered workshop of lunatics, the absent minded, the elbow patch wearing dad joke telling of society’s misfits. I actually love it, but I need more structure than this time of year gives me.  Am I only here this week because the net access is faster than home? Good time to start a blog? The world has been punching me in the face trying to get me to notice it since 2011 began, so perhaps it’s time, via this blog, that I punched back.

So back to a theme. I generally only go to arthouse films.  I watch a multitude of documentaries. I sing in choirs. I play piano. I write. I am into great literature. And there’s my job. That’s my high brow side. I don’t do these things because I’m high brow. I do them because I like them, love them, live for them. In some stages of my life these things were dropped. They’ve been (mostly) picked up again.  My hands are getting full.

Then there’s my low brow side. I love bad television. Celebrate it. I don’t think there’s anything better than a pub where your boots stick to the carpet and every man in there is wearing a wifebeater. I like being the only person in a room without facial hair. I like someone spilling beer down my back in a sweaty mosh pit (but if they’re not wearing shirts it’s a whole other story). I go to rodeos. Last weekend I even went to sprint cars (stretching the low brow friendship a bit but it’s an excellent feral spotting forum).

Can you do lowbrow-highbrow? Can you be both? My husband laughs at his own farts and literally laughs himself  off his chair videos of cats playing the bongoes. When he says ROFLMAO he ain’t kiddin’. Literally: On. The. Floor. You’ll be happy to know his ass is still attached.  A week before that, though, he was sitting beside me at the Brandenburg Orchestra and a piece of music made him cry. I think he can do both. I swear like a trooper but I also do the best bars in town. So I can do both.  And when my ice-addict mates at the homeless shelter write an English sonnet (more on this later), well they can do both.

So low brow high brow 2011, here we go. Posts dedicated to the low brow. Posts dedicated to the high brow. And my personal favourite: posts dedicated to doing both at the same time. With not a thing in between.


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